Snapseed updated with improvements – v1.1.0

An update is available for Nik Software’s Snapseed iPad app today.  Details below of what has been up updated.

At the moment I cannot open a RAW file as the update suggests.  When I choose to open an image I have imported with the connection kit then Snapseed opens only the embedded jpeg rather than doing a RAW conversion.  This is what happened before with the original version so I cannot see what the different is with v1.1.0.  I must say though that it was quicker opening the file with the new version and the image seems clearer.

What’s New in Version 1.1.0

In Version 1.1.0 Snapseed
+ Supports RAW images transferred with the Camera Connector kit
+ Preserves EXIF data on saving
+ Visual enhancements
+ Performance optimizations
+ Various bug fixes and interaction tweaks

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