The mirror of my Canon 5D fell off!!

Here’s a photo of my beloved Canon 5D before I pack it up to send to Canon.

Last weekend I was taking a few photos. I heard a slightly different noise when I pressed the shutter and then the viewfinder went blank. I guessed there was a problem with the mirror and I just thought it had not returned, like as if you were cleaning the sensor. I fired the shutter again and turned the camera off and on, to no avail. I took the lens off and it was very obvious what had happened!

A quick search on the net and I discover it is a rare, but known problem. – something to do with the adhesive. I made a call to Canon support who confirmed they will repair it free of charge :)

Sure I will be without my camera for a week or two but I’m happy that this is the only problem I have experienced in the 5 years I have had this camera and it’s a free repair.