Pitching my MLD Trailstar for the first time

Today I pitched my new Trailstar shelter properly for the first time. I say properly because I tried to pitch it in my garden but it would not fit, such is the large size of this shelter and the small size of my Victorian terraced garden!

I pitched it with a centre pole height of 120cm initially. I am 5′ 9″ and there was loads of headroom for me. I then lowered the centre pole height to 110 cm for a slightly lower pitch in adverse weather conditions and I still had more than enough headroom, If necessary I could easily pitch the Trailstar even lower and still be comfortable.

Trailstar first pitch

It was very quick to pitch, a matter of minutes, and I managed to get the edges really close to the ground which will keep the drafts down in the winter. The lower edges look pretty tight and I have not even pegged the sides out! I had a little trouble getting rid of all the wrinkles but the silnylon was pretty tight so I would not be too worried about it really.