TGO Challenge 2012 Preparation – My route is in!

Finally, my route is in! I submitted it last week actually and now it is with my vetter who has indicated that it will be back with me shortly, with comments. I hope the comments are to advise where I can get a nice cream tea from rather than to re-write half of my route! ;)

Route – a few details

  • I will start in Dornie on Friday the 11th May … and finish in St Cyrus on Thursday 24th May.
  • I will walk a total distance of 184 miles (at least ;) … with a total ascent of 9,096m.
  • The greatest ascent in one day is Day 2 at 1549m and the least ascent in one day is the last day from North Water Bridge to the coast at 164m
  • There will 13 nights under canvas (well, silnylon!) with no bothies or B&Bs.
  • The remotest, and highest, camp is Camp 5 on Carn Gearresith (GR NH 628115) at a height of 720m.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with my route, either directly through emails, phone calls and even twitter, or indirectly through me having read one of your TGO Challenge trip reports, it is very much appreciated.


I have bought a few more bits and pieces since my last post. The most interesting is perhaps The Pocket Stove Ti from I quite like using solid fuel tablets and I’m currently playing with meths stoves so this little stove could work out to be rather useful. Plus I can light a few twigs and have a camp fire too whilst trying not to set fire to the landscape! … but thankfully I don’t have a self destructing Jetboil Sol Ti !

My fitness is improving, slowly, although I keep having problems with my knees. This is not a new issue but a lifelong problem. Aside from that I think I will be ready for the Challenge and in any case I am going to do it regardless :) so if I am seriously struggling I will just have to adjust my route a little to deal with it. The goal is to get to St Cyrus, to compete the Challenge, and have a thoroughly enjoyable time, and as determined as I am to follow the route I have planned (more or less), it will sensible to shorten the route slightly and make it to the finish if necessary.

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7 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2012 Preparation – My route is in!

  1. Bryan, mate – that route is challenging! You’re tougher than me by far.

    I’m going LOOOOW so as to maximise my chances of getting across, then maybe if I do it again, I’ll try something higher.

    Anyway, I do hope we bump into each other across Sconnie Botland.

    • I’m not sure that ‘tough’ is the right word. Calculated with large helping of optimism that I will be fit enough, is perhaps more appropriate.

      I must admit that I was somewhat surprised at the figure for total ascent! .. but I have all day to get the days distance covered.. I think I will be fine.

      I hope we meet up too at some point.. not long now!

  2. hi brian, i’m new here but see u on twitter a bit, when I look at that, that is! Nice pages, lovely photography! looks from what i can tell that we are on a very similar route. See u in the dornie hotel for a pint, friday night, or do you head off friday daytime?

    • Thanks David

      I am arriving in Dornie on Thursday and starting Friday morning! That’s a shame, maybe we will meet up somewhere else, Tarfside or Montrose maybe?

      Good luck with your Challenge! I hope it all goes well :)

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  4. Pakke pakke pakke!! :) Så gøy!Jeg elsker å følge med på bloggen din forresten. Du tar fantastiske bilder og det var veldig hyggelig å få se julekortene du har laget de siste årene. Jeg tror ikke jeg har lagt igjen en kommentar her før, men jeg har fulgt deg lenge. Ser fram til mer juleinspirasjon hos deg :) Ønsker deg og familien en nydelig adventstid!Lill Therese

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