Saving weight: Dry bags

It occurred to me, whilst unpacking from the TGO Challenge, that the multiple small dry bags that I used to keep important things dry, collectively probably weigh more than one large dry bag to hold all of those things.

It has to be said that I have not been a big fan of one large dry bag in a rucksack because I find it a bit awkward packing it due to the bag never quite fitting your rucksack leaving extra material to get in the way, and because it restricts where you place some of the things you carry. However, I decided to weigh the 5 small dry bags, of different manufacturers, and compare it to a large Sea to Summit dry bag that I have:

5 small dry bags: 224g
Large Sea to Summit dry bag: 88g

That’s a significant 136g difference. Now, some of those things I kept in a small dry bag  (camera batteries and other small items) need to be kept in a small bag of some description but that can be just a light nylon, cuben fibre or mesh bag but I think I could save maybe 110 – 120g by using one large dry bag, if I can get over the issues of using one!

7 thoughts on “Saving weight: Dry bags

  1. good point! been thinking about this recently, thanks for doing the homework for me!! Reduced to 2 on most recent trip, which I can live with I think…

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