Pitching my MLD Trailstar for the first time

Today I pitched my new Trailstar shelter properly for the first time. I say properly because I tried to pitch it in my garden but it would not fit, such is the large size of this shelter and the small size of my Victorian terraced garden!

I pitched it with a centre pole height of 120cm initially. I am 5′ 9″ and there was loads of headroom for me. I then lowered the centre pole height to 110 cm for a slightly lower pitch in adverse weather conditions and I still had more than enough headroom, If necessary I could easily pitch the Trailstar even lower and still be comfortable.

Trailstar first pitch

It was very quick to pitch, a matter of minutes, and I managed to get the edges really close to the ground which will keep the drafts down in the winter. The lower edges look pretty tight and I have not even pegged the sides out! I had a little trouble getting rid of all the wrinkles but the silnylon was pretty tight so I would not be too worried about it really.

4 thoughts on “Pitching my MLD Trailstar for the first time

  1. I have just seen at first hand how incredibly stable the Trailstars are in very strong blustery winds in the Yorkshire Dales. If you can crack the midge problem Bryan I would say it’s an excellent choice for the Challenge.
    The only drawback that I can see is the large footprint which might limit your choice of pitches every now and then – but that’s a minor quibble.

    • I am constantly impressed, in the reviews that I have read, by how good the Trailstar is in strong winds and adverse weather and I am really looking forward to using mine; hopefully in a few weeks time in Snowdonia.
      Definately need some midge protection for the Challenge. I have been looking at the Oookstar but need to look at other inners for comparison. I am a little reluctant to add 360g but I guess total weight with only be about 1Kg so not so bad.

  2. I am a tad late posting here Brian, but I only just got my Trailstar Seam sealed.
    It was delivered from Ron 5 weeks ago.
    I am now rather looking to getting out in.
    I need to do this before the Challenge so I can decide if it is the Trailstar, or the tried and tested Wendy Warmlite.
    Having said that, it was the my Warmlite that fell foul of the weather near Ingelborough that Alan was talking about.
    Martin’s Trailstar was bomb proof.

    • Hi Andrew. It’s exciting getting new kit :) expecially when it is something a little different like the Trailstar, I’m sure you will enjoy it. Have you seen Steven Horner’s MLD Trailstar Pitching Guide, that’s basicly how it’s done. Personally though I start with the corner pegs only 4 inches from the corner points in order to keep the bottom edge lower to the ground.

      Ah, so it was you in the Yorkshire Dales too.

      I’ll be out in mine this weekend hopefully, with my new sleeping bag and I’m confident of a warm night :)

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