6 thoughts on “Moel Siabod wild camp videos

  1. One can hardly slight someone for having an over-large hat on when that someone is camping up a mountain in a tent that’s frosted over. :)

    • Thank you. I’m not one to be overly worried about my appearance when up in the mountains but I had a sudden attack of self conciousness when I pointed the camera back at myself again and realised I was wearing ‘that hat’! lol

  2. Mate, nicely presented film there Bryan. Good views and a nice tour of the trailstar. It’s making me think about getting one after the challenge. I’d have to get a mesh inner though – i have midge-o-phobia!

    Bloody silly looking hat, that. ;-)

    • Thanks Carl
      Yeah, damn silly hat! I have a new one now, lol
      I’m seriously worried about midges and ticks on the Challenge because I keep hearing that it is a bad year. I don’t have an inner for my TS sorted out yet and I’m seriously considering taking my Hilleberg Akto instead!

      • if your that worried why not get midge head net from ebay 5 quid and a rab survival zone bivi bag about 50 quid mine only weighs 325 grams …can borrow it if you want…munro277 on twitter

        • Hi Peter. With all the reports of it ‘being a bad year’, and not having an inner sorted for my Trailstar, I think I was just having a ‘moment’. I didn’t really want to use a bivvy bag (I have one) and zip myself in it to avoid midges if they are bad, it kind of defeats the point of the Trailstar. However, I now have an inner being made thanks to Sean at Oookworks. It is not an Oookstar, because I’ll find that restrictive in the sleeping position, it’s more of just a midge net type of thing.

          Anyway, I’m happy now, and I’ll just take things as they come, and I’ll get away from the midges if they are bad. If they are not bad I shall just be able to sleep on top of the inner rather in it.

          Thanks for offering to loan your bivvy bag, Peter, it’s much appreciated.

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