More ‘on the way to work’ photos

I cycled to work again today and took a few photographs along the way.

The first is the Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel stone circle at Willen Lake in Milton Keynes.  For this one  I actually stopped my bike, although I didn’t get off.  The other two are action shots. All photos have been processed with Snapseed for iPad.






London underground images

I took a trip to London yesterday to look at the London Salon of Photography Centenary Annual Exhibition. I had a print accepted (it’s No. 178, Paddling Pool, if you’re interested) and it was great to see it and all the other very inspiring images made by London Salon member and other top photographers.  It is well worth a trip if you are able to get to London in the next two weeks or after that in Smethick.

Here are a few images I took on the underground while travelling through London. On this first one I zoomed while taking the image to add  to the effect of movement.

I shot this next one ‘from the hip’.  I gives a slightly different perspective from having the camera at eye level.

… and the on the way up an escalator I used a slow shutter speed to blur the small advertising boards, you can just make out some writing on one of them.