Photographs from Kinder Scout, Peak District

Here are a couple of images from my walk up Kinder Scout on the 28th Dec 2011. At the start it was quite sunny but the whole time it was really windy. It was a great walk though. We went up Grinds Brook from Edale and then round the top to the road just before Mam Tor. About half way round I persuaded my walking companions (my brother Graham and Joanne) to stop in the freezing cold wind while I pitched my Trailstar.

The first image is looking back down Grinds Brook and in the background on the right you will see Lose Hill.

Grinds Brook


And this is just a little way along from Grinds Brook and looking back to the east.

Kinder Scout - path across the peat

Taking a fresh look at your old photographs

Why would you want to look back over your old images with a view to processing, or re-processing, some of them? Surely one would have processed an image at the time if it was any good, and a processed image is finished and should not be touched again?

Earlier this year I gave a short presentation of some of my black and white images to the Monochrome Group of the Amersham Photogaphic Society. I wanted to show some of the work I had done before I joined the group, and to show something of my style and vision. In doing so I looked back over some of my older images that I had processed, and some I had not processed. I learnt something of the experience and now have the following guidelines:

  • Generally, once I have processed an image that is it in terms of the look and feel of the image and what I have tried to portray, particularly if it is an image I have exhibited… but, my digital processing skills have improved over the years so it is OK to undertake some additional processing in order to give an image something I could not before, such as a certain punch (local contrast) or sharpness.
  • It is OK look back through my image catalogue to see if there are images that I want to process or revisit. It is a bit random at the moment but sometime soon I think I will start tagging images I have looked at with a date, to keeps tabs on the process.

I have found that as my vision and style develops I can look at some images I took months ago, or even years ago, and see something different in them. Perhaps I had not felt the image was any good or perhaps I never felt an image worthy of the time it takes me to work it into an image that either represents what I saw at the time, or is hinting at something that I am getting a glimpse of now. Perhaps even the image is speaking to me now on an emotional level when it was not before.

Ogwen valley in the snow - December 2009

The above is one such image. A view along the Ogwen valley in North Wales taken in December 2009. It was bitterly cold but I was fortunate to find myself there after a period of heavy snow… and the mountains looked fantastic. I don’t know why I had not processed this image. It is a good view, I like the composition and the almost monochromatic scene. It is not a stunning image though by any means, and not a competition or exhibition winner, but it reminds me of the time I was there and transports me back. I like it, and have enjoyed processing it, I hope you enjoy it too, and perhaps you will look back over some of your images and find one that speaks to you.

Plunge Studios, a new photographic studio in Milton Keynes

Plunge Studios

A colleague of mine has recently taken the rather bold step of giving up full-time employment and has set up a photographic studio in Milton Keynes. The business is called Plunge Studios and although they specialise in automotive photography they will take on other work including portraits, landscapes, product shots, architecture and industrial.

From their website:

“Plunge specialises in creative automotive photography by Marc Little. This is a wide subject including cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, mountain bikes, skateboards basically anything with wheels. We deliver high quality images which aim to capture the essence of your pride and joy. Plunge Studios is based in Old Wolverton Milton Keynes but Marc will travel to various locations to achieve the right environment for your type of vehicle.”

Visit their website for more information.